CTMC Emergency Department Team Donates to Local Schools

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June 16, 2019
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CTMC Emergency Department Team Donates to Local Schools

The Emergency Department doctors and nurses at Cockburn Town Medical Centre combined their personal funds to purchase several items for two schools on Grand Turk. In an effort to show the departments’ philanthropic values and support the community beyond emergency care, two professional all-purpose first aid kits along with much needed appliances were donated.

The first aid kits were designated for the Industrial Arts and Home Economic areas where students are more at risk of sustaining injuries such a burns, cuts etc., during activities at the HJ Robinson High School. The institution also needed a microwave, which was also donated.

During a presentation on Monday, May 27th, 2019 inside the department waiting area, the items were handed over to Patrick Jarrett, Teacher of Visual Arts and Acting HOD for Industrial Arts and Eudelsie Swimmer, Head of Home Economics at the high school. Clinicians also pledged to provide training on basic first aid, should the need arises.

The second beneficiary was the New Testament Pre-School. The brand new compact refrigerator was accepted by Principal Kelma Hamilton. The school is in the process of reconstructing their main building, which was damaged during hurricane Irma.