Here at the Turks and Caicos Island Hospital the Rehabilitation Departments on both sites is the hub for delivery of unique Physiotherapy services to both outpatients and inpatients. Care is accessed upon referral by a licensed medical doctor. As clinicians, the Physiotherapist engages in an examination process, performs tests and measures to identify potential and existing problems, establishes a diagnosis related to movement and develops a goal oriented plan of care. Clinical interventions are provided in a warm and friendly atmosphere where courtesy is not only extended but expected. Patient participation in the rehabilitative process is critical to successful outcomes. Comfort is not always guaranteed. Support, encouragement and attention to best practice delivery is our commitment. Rehabilitation services in the TCI include the following: Orthopaedic cases – involving fractures, peripheral nerve injuries, sprains, strains and muscular ailments. Neurology cases – involving CVAs, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries and disorders (limited capability) Paediatric cases – involving any disorder to the brain in babies, infants and children. Cardiopulmonary cases – involving any disorder to the lung fields. We utilize hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, hot and cold packs, wax and a host of exercises to aid in the restoration of optimal physical health.