Mission, Vision, Values

The Turks and Caicos Hospital, by nature, will exceed expectations through its commitment to professional excellence, safety to all and continuous quality improvement. Our innovative and learning environment shall deliver efficient and effective services providing value for money.

Naturally excellent, where everyone is envious of our culture and customers receive the full benefit of our obsession with quality.

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our hospital team and will remain our unwavering commitment and guide.

Show you care:
Care passionately about the safety and well-being of the people we serve, our organization, stakeholders and community.

Be fearless:
Be fearless and courageous; when we are fearless and courageous, we can make things happen.

When we say something, we mean it:
“We shall walk the talk”. When we say we’ll do something, we do it. If we can’t, then we owe people an explanation, not in the future but now. We recognize the power of our words, our attitudes and actions. We shall hold ourselves accountable.

Be Humble:
As valued team members, we all share and display humility to our customers, colleagues, guests and visitors to our beautiful hospital. We shall be unpretentious and demonstrate humility by:

Asking for feedback
Addressing prejudices
Start with a question, thereby encouraging feedback
Really listening
Accepting setbacks and using it to become stronger

To the uninformed, being humble may be seen as a weakness or insignificance, it really speaks to strength of character and confidence. Leadership throughout our hospital creates an environment where humility is cherished, ranks high in our hierarchy and is rewarded.

Golden rule:
Treat others people as you would want to be treated. Our interpretation of the golden rule is that every person walking into our hospital shall be “surrounded with care and compassion”. The Golden rule implies tolerance, consideration, compassion and reciprocity. We treat and care for our customers as if they were family members because that is the way we would want to be treated if we were hospitalised. This philosophy is extended to each and every one of our colleagues who contribute to our Mission and Vision.

Our activities are framed and driven by our values. Each team member will seek to excel at the following core competencies summarized in “Great Care”:

G – Gifted, talented with high performance
R – Respect for the patients and team members through effective communication, constructive criticism
and intervention
E – Excellence in care delivery using evidence-based guidelines
A – Accountability, completing tasks on time with a high degree of quality
T – Team work: effective communication via multidisciplinary teams
C – Continuous learning: skilled with core competencies consistent with our values A – Achievement: results oriented health care leadership
R – Responsive: use of health system data to develop and transform services
E – Empathy: caring and compassionate providers.

Quality and safety