InterHealth Canada to launch a Special TV Series

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March 13, 2019
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June 16, 2019

InterHealth Canada to launch a Special TV Series

(Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – Wednesday 03 April, 2019): InterHealth Canada – Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital has produced a 9-part TV series titled ‘The Interview’ under the tagline: “Health care on the inside”, which is intended to enhance the communities understanding of health care operations along with the complex dynamics involved. The special series will be launched on Wednesday April 24th 2019 at 8pm on PTV Channel 8. The series will broadcast over 18 weeks with a rerun of each new episode.

Each episode will feature a 30-minute interview with senior and middle level executives from across the private health care management company on a unique range of insightful topics with significant public interest. Discussions will explore the growth of medical services with patient volumes that have now surpassed initial projections and some of the factors involved in striking a balance between treatment abroad, onshore care and visiting consultant services. Other topics include the impact of long stay patients on hospital bed occupancy levels along with interim and long-term interventions.

Experts in the Public Private Partnership model commence the series with a discussion on the accountability mechanisms outlined in the comprehensive package of infrastructure and service delivery under the IHC-TCIG Project Agreement. This includes a look at the ‘Change Enquiry’ process from a governance perspective. The series also spotlights the role of TCI Hospital’s Clinical Laboratory in the wider health care landscape and the value of health care services.

More than 16,000 diagnostic imaging tests are performed annually with highly sensitive and costly medical technology. Engineers and experts involved in the complex management of health care technology dissect the hospital’s equipment life cycle program and environmental sensitivities with reference to the challenges incurred after the September 2017 hurricanes. Other episodes underscore the management practices and multi-faceted teams involved in the maintenance of the hospital’s physical infrastructure and the safeguarding of electronic medical record systems. Information technology is an important enabler in hospitals.

Shortages in the domestic health care workforce is a critical issue for Turks and Caicos. Since health care operations are people-intensive, the topic of international recruitment is later examined with a focus on the advantages of diverse medical teams, the multi-step process of vetting medical credentials, competency management and organizational efforts to build local capacity.

As the series move into a half-way point, clinical department heads examine the restructuring of the emergency department (ED) triage system, factors that determine a patient’s waiting time, and the global increase in acts of aggression towards ED staff. To culminate the series, the hospital’s subject area leaders in quality, risk and patient safety takes centerstage to provide insight into the rigorous accreditation hospital-wide assessments, infection prevention, the mitigation of patient events and management of patient concerns.

The series is hosted by former news anchor and current Public Relations and Marketing Manager for InterHealth Canada, Nikira John, and is an extension of the hospital’s quarterly corporate newsletter also titled ‘The Interview’, which is available online via