Dr Denise Braithwaite-Tennant appointed as CEO of InterHealth Canada TCI

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Dr Denise Braithwaite-Tennant appointed as CEO of InterHealth Canada TCI

(Providenciales, Turks and CaicosIslands – Thursday 3 December, 2020):InterHealth Canada TCI is pleased toannounce the appointment of Doctor Denise Braithwaite-Tennant as Chief Executive Officer, effective December 1st 2020.

Doctor Braithwaite-Tennant joined the InterHealth Canada TCI team as a Lead Emergency Medicine Consultant in 2010 and was later promoted to Hospital Administrator at the Cockburn Town Medical Centre in September 2011. She
returned to Providenciales in May 2014 to assume the role of Chief of Medical Services. She has served in this capacity over the years and has now become the first Belonger to be appointed as CEO of the company.

  She holds a Specialist Degree in Emergency Medicine from the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica and a
Master of Science in International Management with a specialization in health sector management from the University of Liverpool. During her career, she has amassed certifications and experience in leadership, accreditation, quality, health sector management, health crisis and disaster management. This background has given her a strategic advantage to navigate the hospital team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“On behalf of the InterHealth Canada – Board of Directors, we offer our heartiest congratulations to Doctor Braithwaite-Tennant on her appointment. Under InterHealth Canada’s strict governance policies, the Board undertook a rigorous selection process for the appointment of its new CEO, and was unanimous in its selection of Doctor Braithwaite-Tennant who, in addition to her impeccable credentials, demonstrated qualities of vision, sense of purpose and leadership, which surpassed all other candidates. Denise joined our company at the commencement of Hospital operations in 2010 as an emergency physician, but it quickly became clear to the Board that her ultimate destiny was to lead the organization. Ten years later, with the company’s support, she has progressed to Chief Executive Officer. She has grown both in stature and experience, and now fulfills that destiny,” stated George Commander, Chairman of the Board.

He continued: “This appointment demonstrates InterHealth Canada’s commitment to the mentorship and professional development of the citizens of the Turks and Caicos Islands within its organization. We are as proud today, as your Government must be, to announce this appointment. We hope that it will inspire others and serve as a demonstration that there is a wealth of talent and commitment in your Nation, which will serve it well as you continue to progress.” In response to her appointment, Doctor Denise Braithwaite-Tennant stated: “I am thankful for the support provided to me over the years and grateful for this opportunity to serve in this capacity. It has been an exciting journey, and I am excited about the new opportunities ahead. As the leader of a naturally excellent team, we shall endeavour to drive health system ingenuity, innovation and people centered services, especially during the pandemic, which represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of health care delivery.” She continued: “I have gained invaluable experience and it is an honor to be among the talented and multifaceted team at InterHealth Canada TCI. I have amassed over 20 years of experience working in diverse areas and leadership roles across the health sector locally and regionally. My journey with the health care company has seen me develop from a frontline worker in the emergency department who was a part of the team that successfully managed the departments very first trauma patient, to a member of multi-stakeholder executive teams. Our key partner is the Turks and Caicos Islands Government and I shall continue our ongoing efforts to drive the strategic development and implementation of priority services.” Former Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Carriere, officially retired from the company last month. He stated: “The decision at the InterHealth Canada – Board of Directors level was unanimous and I strongly concur that Denise is an excellent choice and will do a wonderful job in very difficult and uncertain times. Denise is a credit to her medical profession, InterHealth Canada and to the entire country. She will now have the opportunity to extend that knowledge, determination and enthusiasm to the area of hospital administration at the CEO level. Denise’s DNA is made up of care, compassion and a very strong work ethic, and you all know as well as I do, that Denise will be focused on the business at hand and the welfare of our people all day and every day.”