Karen Bartholomew

Karen is an experienced Business Manager with 25 years experience in Facilities Management sectors in the U.K. She is experienced in Business and Industry and Healthcare settings and has previously managed pediatric acute, community and mental health facilities within both private and public sectors.

Karen, as Site Director for Cockburn Town, is responsible for communication, community liaison, health and safety, security and emergency and disaster planning. Her role includes the effective and cohesive running of Facilities and Clinical services and liaison with Cheshire Hall Medical Centre in Provo. In her capacity as Facilities Manager for both sites, Karen manages Catering, Housekeeping, Laundry, Portering and Administration Services. She is also responsible for Human Resources, Operational Finance, and Training functions within the Department.

Karen joined the team in December 2013, with an aim to develop a new generation of Facilities Supervisors and Managers to develop services at both Hospitals. During her tenure she has achieved great success in the development of FM personnel, established a robust succession plan and made huge strides in the recruitment and development of local talent. Her focus is always people-centered, and through effective communication, fairness, consistency, development and training, her aim is to ensure excellence in the delivered services and levels of care at Interhealth Hospitals in the Turks and Caicos Islands.