TCI Hospital Joins ECFMG’s EPIC Partnership

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TCI Hospital Joins ECFMG’s EPIC Partnership

PROVIDENCIALES, TURKS AND CAICOS and PHILADELPHIA, UNITED STATES— November 1, 2017. Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital, InterHealth Canada (TCI Hospital) and the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG®) are pleased to announce that TCI Hospital has incorporated ECFMG’s Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPICSM) into its process for assessing the medical credentials of physicians seeking employment at the health care facility.

TCI Hospital is a Diamond-accredited public hospital managed by InterHealth Canada TCI Ltd on behalf of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government through a Public-Private Partnership agreement. The Hospital’s primary goal is to ensure that patients receive high-quality care, delivered within a safe, reliable, and patient-friendly environment built on the values of ethical and respectful behavior, honesty, accountability, and excellence. The Hospital deemed its partnership with ECFMG to be necessary for the continued improvement of the health care facility’s recruitment process.

In the past, documents were verified by TCI Hospital primarily through medical councils and letters of good standing from previous and/or present employers. ECFMG is proud to partner with TCI Hospital to enhance its recruitment process by adding primary-source verification—a best practice and the best protection against fraudulent credentials—to the Hospital’s tools for evaluating the qualifications of its physician applicants.

Physicians interested in employment at the health care facility must first apply to the Hospital through its Human Resources department. Successful candidates will be directed by the Hospital to have their required credentials primary-source verified through EPIC. Physicians can find complete instructions on using EPIC in support of their applications at

About EPIC 

EPIC offers primary-source verification of medical credentials to organizations and physicians worldwide. In verifying the authenticity of physician credentials related to medical education, training, and registration/licensure, EPIC employs the same world-class, primary-source verification process used by ECFMG to verify credentials for other ECFMG services, including ECFMG Certification, the standard for international physicians entering the U.S. health care system.

For organizations that are responsible for evaluating physician qualifications, EPIC provides secure, no-cost access to primary-source verification—verifying the authenticity of a credential directly with the issuing institution—for the purpose of evaluating their applicants’ credentials. For the world’s physicians, EPIC is an innovative way to build a digital career portfolio of the credentials related to their medical education, training, and registration/licensure—a portfolio that can grow with their careers. Using EPIC, physicians can send their credentials, and reports verifying their authenticity, to organizations worldwide. For more information,

About Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital

Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital consists of two state-of-the-art secondary health care facilities equipped with the very latest medical technology and highly experienced multinational doctors. The public facility, managed by InterHealth Canada (IHC), is one of few Diamond-accredited health care providers in the Caribbean region.

As recognized pioneers in health care Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), IHC is a world leader in health care operations and management with diverse activities in planning, management and consulting. IHC delivers cost-effective, culturally sensitive solutions that meet international quality standards in both the public and private sectors.

For more information, visit the TCI Hospital website at

About ECFMG 

Established in 1956, ECFMG is a private, nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with more than 900 full- and part-time employees.

ECFMG is a world leader in promoting quality health care—serving physicians, members of the medical education and regulatory communities, health care consumers, and those researching issues in medical education and health workforce planning. ECFMG’s program of certification evaluates whether international medical graduates are ready to enter U.S. programs of graduate medical education, where they provide supervised patient care. ECFMG offers a variety of other programs for the world’s physicians and the entities worldwide that educate, train, register/license, and employ them.

ECFMG’s organizational members are the American Board of Medical Specialties, American Medical Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, Association for Hospital Medical Education, Federation of State Medical Boards, and the National Medical Association.

For more information, visit the ECFMG website at

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