Dr. Mauchaza and Dr. Burgess saved my son Chad s life.

    Dr. Mauchaza and Dr. Burgess saved my son Chad s life.

    Dr. Mauchaza and Dr. Burgess saved my son Chad s life.

    “When I got up around 3 am I realized my son Chad and nephew Collin weren’t home. The next day they were scheduled to return to New York. I went back to sleep until 6 am when my wife woke me saying Chad and Collin were in a car accident. I got up, called the Emergency Room and headed over to Cheshire Hall Medical Centre, not sure where it was located or what I would find.

    Both were in the Emergency Room. Our son Chad was complaining of extreme stomach pain. He’d already had one dose of morphine and asked for more. This was around 6:30 am.

    The emergency room doctor, Dr Doshia Auguste, called the Head of Surgery Dr. Bonnie Mauchaza, who was on his way. After reviewing the CT scan Dr. Mauchaza recommended emergency abdominal surgery to determine the cause of Chad’s severe pain.

    Dr. Mauchaza then cleared the surgical schedule and immediately set the wheels turning to help Chad.

    Chad and his cousin Collin were drunk from a long night of drinking. They hitched a ride from the bar in Salt Mills to their intended destination, The Somerset on Grace Bay. The driver, another guest at the resort, was also inebriated and wrecked the car at the IGA roundabout on Leeward Highway. The car was totalled.

    The driver failed to circle the roundabout. Instead he went through the centre landing into the white concrete wall on the other side. Driver and cousin Collin were protected by their seat belts and air bags. Chad in the back had a seat belt fastened but no air bag.

    Sadly, Chad was nearly cut in two by the crash impact. Dr. Mauchaza and Dr. Phillip Burgess worked for about four hours putting Chad back together. His abdominal muscles were cut right through, there was small and large intestine damage and muscles needing repair. Because of the involvement of the intestines, risk of infection was a serious concern. The CT scan showed only the possibility of a small tear in the small intestine. Dr. Mauchaza wisely recommended emergency surgery.

    Waiting almost four hours while Chad was being reconstructed afforded time for continual prayer. There were many long moments when I prepared myself for the worst. Mercifully, Dr. Mauchaza and Dr. Burgess saved my son Chad s life. Had this unfortunate accident occurred before Cheshire Hall Medical Centre was built Chad would have had to have been airlifted to Miami and who knows what the outcome might have been. Dr Mauchaza exudes professionalism and experience. We, Chad and I were confident Dr. Mauchaza would put him back together.

    Dr. Mauchaza, Dr. Burgess and the entire High Dependency Unit nursing staff delivered the highest level of professional care around the clock for over two weeks healing Chad back to health. The physicians, nurses, and support staff including the custodial staff and cafeteria personnel all contributed to Chad’s recovery.

    We remain eternally grateful to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre and especially Dr. Mauchaza and Dr. Burgess for saving Chad’s life and returning him to health.”

    Joel Rosow